Reedeux Media

Andrea Hopwood / svp of operations

Andrea serves Reedeux as the Senior Vice President of Operations. She has over 40 years in operational and Customer Service management and experience, primarily centered in and around the banking industry. Her people skills led her from branch banking into the world of data processing where she excelled at her job. Most problems that arise in a data center require immediate assessment and resolution because the institution's customer base is affected. Interfacing with all areas of the bank and data center required proper communication and analytic skills.

Andrea was also AVP at San Francisco Federal Savings, supervising a support staff within the bank’s data center. These representatives worked as liaisons between the bank's administrative staff, branches, and the data center programmers and personnel. The department was responsible for supporting all banking applications and providing the proper interface and control for implementation and training of changes and updates.

Since 1990 Andrea has been co-owner in a company specializing in the design and manufacture of bank forms. The customer banks range in size and are all independent banks. She has successfully built and managed the company's entire customer for over 20 years. Her past banking experience has given her the expertise to assess her customer's needs and to provide specialized services unique to her company's philosophy. The rewards and challenges have been many, and all based on maintaining the highest level of customer service.